St. Augustine's with St. Luke's, Bromley Common

We are part of the Church of England and see ourselves as a Christian community whose mission is to offer all in our parish the opportunity to hear, experience and respond to the love of Jesus Christ.


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Children and Youth

Children and young people are an important part of our church life and are very welcome here.

Club JC is held every Sunday (except the 1st Sunday which is Cafe Church) for children up to Year 7 during the service in the Garden room

Babies and Toddlers: We are a shush-free church, so don't worry! Sometimes children make noise, babies cry - it's how God made them and its what they do. We feel it is important that children are made to feel welcome within our worshipping life. We have a carpet at the front for the youngest children with toys and books so they can also see what's going on during the service. From experience we've found that children appreciate and learn from being able to see what's happening.

Teenagers: We runYouth Connect, for Year 7+ young people on 2nd and 4th Saturdays in the month 7pm - 9pm in Church rooms  

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