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We are part of the Church of England and see ourselves as a Christian community whose mission is to offer all in our parish the opportunity to hear, experience and respond to the love of Jesus Christ.


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Mwaikisabe Catechist House Appeal:

Parish Link with Mwaikisabe in Kondoa, Tanzania – raising funds for Catechist’s house

Amani has joined the parish of Mwaikisabe as a Catechist (assistant minister/ curate).  He has a wife and 7 children and there is not currently accommodation for them, so Amani is living in the former pastor’s house in Mwaikisabe with one of his children and his wife is 45km away with the rest of their children.

Pastor John Sinda has asked if we can pray for them and help to raise money for them to build a Catechist house.  The total cost is estimated at c£8,000.

Nigel Pope has officially launched this appeal for the "Kondoa Diocese project 2021."

Details of the project and information on the 3 ways to donate, can be found here. 

Bishop Given, Bishop of Kondoa who is very supportive of the project, says:

‘The support that St Augustine and St Luke to Mwaikisabe has transformed the mission of the Church. I strongly support your dream of building a house for the Catechist I believe it is a call from God. And if God is calling the people of God at St Augustine and St Luke what I can say is that may God the father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ richly bless you! I pray that God will enable you to start this work soon.’

Please pray for the parish of Mwaikisabe, Pastor John Sinda and Amani and their families, and consider if you might be able to give something towards this project

The connection with Kondoa in Tanzania has been growing since the visit of eleven members of St Augustine’s in Autumn of 2016.

The link with the Parish of Mwaikisabe began when we helped to purchase a motorbike for Revd John Sinda.  Since that time, we have continued to keep in touch with him and the Diocese Bishop, Bishop Given and his wife Lillian. We enjoyed a visit by Bishop Given to St Augustine’s and the congregation have supported, financially and in prayer, both the Bible college in Kondoa and, more recently, raising funds for a pastors house for Rev Sinda in Mwaikisabe. 


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